What Should You Expect from Any World-Class Resort?

What Should You Expect from Any World-Class Resort?I hate the phrase ``world class.`` I really do because it's very easy to say. Seriously.

You can have a mom-and-pop operation that is all run down, infested with rats, fleas and all sorts of nasty insects calling itself world class. In fact, you can even have a motel that’s just like the Bates Motel in the Psycho series of movies calling itself world class.

My point here is that any business can call itself world class, and people would not think twice about that business because they’ve heard it before, but there is really quite a bit of disservice going on when a company that is obviously not world class claims such a phrase. It’s one of those concepts that get repeated so much that people are basically left out in the cold as to what it really means.

It’s kind of the word “love.” Turn on the radio and people are singing about love 24/7. In fact, you hear the word “love” so much that I really wouldn’t blame you if you start doubting if it even exists because it has become so subjective. It’s as if the objective meaning of that concept has been destroyed by sheer repetition.

Well, the same applies to the concept of “world class.” However, I’ve got some great news to report. If you want to figure out which brand is faking it until they make it and which is

the real deal, just look at objective standards.

A world-class resort is clear, well-maintained and provides standardized service. This is crucial. Standardized service makes all the difference in the world. It really doesn’t do you any good to stay at a place that is very clean and well-maintained one day and looks like a complete and total disaster are the next day. Do you see how this works? Because consistency is a sure-fire reflection of overall professionalism. It is the attention to detail, the warm smiles, and the eagerness to please that make our brand truly stand out.

Let’s face it. Most people can do a good job some of the time, but that’s not good enough. Real professionals and real world-class businesses and experts produce a great job each and every time. In other words, it’s all about consistency. This is how you separate world-class brands from brands that don’t make it from local mom-and-pop operations that don’t really serve much of a clientele. They become an acquired taste. They become a local preference, but that’s pretty much the extent of their appeal because the consistency is not there.

That’s what you should expect from a world-class resort. You may not have the biggest pool. You may not have the very best food in the world but you can bet that as you move from one branch of that resort network to another, there are minimum standards of quality. There are certain things you can expect. There are certain things you can take to the bank. That’s what separates world-class brands from local variations and non-world-class brands.