What Makes Great International Hotel Brands Great?

What Makes Great International Hotel Brands Great?If you're reading this blog, you already know that Ramada is one of the top accommodation brands on the planet.

I’m not talking about not just North America. I’m not just talking about certain parts of the world. I’m talking about the whole globe. We’re talking planet Earth here. As you can well imagine, this is quite an enviable position to be in but, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

You see, there are tons of hotels all over the world. We’re talking about small mom-and-pop operations all the way to massive properties taking up whole hectares of space owned by multinational conglomerates. Now, that’s quite a range of business enterprises but it’s not really about the scale that makes a brand great and noteworthy. It really all boils down to predictability.

For example, when you see a Starbucks logo in Tokyo, you probably would expect that the coffee would taste a certain way and that the baristas would treat you a certain way. Do you see how this works?

It’s all about predictability. So, when you walk into a Starbucks in Seattle, the experience is not going to be different than if you walked into a branch in Mexico City or Manila for that matter. This ability to deliver standardized quality is what separates solid, international

brands from local legends.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are local accommodations that do a bang-up job offering great service, but they are local. They don’t have any other branches. They only have to be consistent in that particular location.

Not so with great brands like Ramada. It doesn’t matter which Ramada branch you’re in. maybe you’re in a Florida location one day and then you jump on a plane, and you’re in Hawaii the next day. However, guess what, the service would be the same. The sheets would be as clean from one branch to the next. The staff would be just as friendly. The small stuff like the soap, the towels, everything would be exact same.

This is why people seek brands. Now, we can debate whether the Ramada quality standard is high enough for your individual particular taste but you can’t help but agree that this brand delivers consistent quality.

This plays out for all brands. I remember when I visited Florence, Italy. My friends insisted on going to a McDonald’s. It really upset me because there we are in the middle of Italy eating McDonald’s. I hope you can see what’s wrong with that picture. Anyway, it really blew my mind that the Big Mac in Florence, Italy tastes exactly just like the Big Mac in my home in Los Angeles and my second home in Manila.

It really blew my mind, the level of consistency, and that’s when I realized the power of brands. Great international brands focus on standardization and consistency. That’s why they’re big brands, and Ramada, I’m happy to report, does that. So, if you’ve grown accustomed to a certain level of service, support and comfort, you can bet that Ramada will bring that to the table and meet your expectations.