What Makes Bali Such a Unique Vacation Destination?

What Makes Bali Such a Unique Vacation Destination?Let's get one thing clear here. If you're looking for sun, surf and sand, there many candidates that would fit the bill.

In fact in the Philippines alone, there are so many beaches and coastlines that would qualify as a great beach experience. I’m not even talking about Boracay. There are places like Coron, Busuanga, Pagudpud in Ilocos, and we’re just talking about the Philippines. There are places like Waikiki, the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. There are even places in the south of France.

Believe it or not, Bali brings so much more to the table than the old tried-and-proven formula of sun, surf and sand. What makes it a truly unique destination is its culture. The interesting thing about this part of Indonesia is that, by and large, the bulk of Indonesia is Muslim, not Bali. Bali is actually a window to Indonesia’s past. Before Indonesia’s 10,000 or more islands converted to Islam, it used to a Buddhist country by and large and then before that, Hindu.

This is why when you go to Bali, you get a peek into history. You get a snapshot of its religious transformation from an earlier point in time. This Hindu influence plays out in the puppet shows as well as the local costumes and dress. It also is reflected in their culture.

Bali is really a very distinctive cultural experience. It’s kind of like looking at an isolated cultural spot. It’s some sort of remnant, and it’s all wrapped in a great package. You get great sand, great surf and an amazing culture.

Of course, a big part of this is the amazing mélange of spices and flavors that make up Balinese cuisine. If you think Southeast Asia is awesome, check out Bali. It would blow you away because it’s a great hybrid experience where you experience Hinduism and Hindu culture with a distinct Indonesian and Southeast Asian twist. It really is one of a kind experience.

They also don’t bend over backwards to westernize. In other words, you feel that you’re actually going to a different place. A lot of travelers would like to expect English wherever they’re going. It would be nice on a logistical level to be able to speak English with the locals. However, what makes Bali awesome is that it challenges this assumption. People speak the local language, and this challenges that old assumption that many travelers have, and this makes it more lovable, exotic and awesome.

Don’t be surprised if you keep going back to Bali, Indonesia over and over again. There’s just something distinctive about it that makes people want to come back again and again. Maybe it is the local food. Maybe it is the local lust for life. Maybe it is the great smile and warmth of the people and their hospitality. Maybe it is the great combination of sun, surf, and sand neatly packaged with an Indonesian twist. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find out for yourself why millions of people love to visit Bali.