About Ramada Resort Benoa

About Ramada Resort BenoaWhat makes us special?

What makes us distinctive among the dozens upon dozens of other accommodations you can quickly find in Bali, Indonesia? What puts us head and shoulders above the typical accommodations you can quickly look up using Airbnb?

Well, let me tell you.

No Quickie

Ramada Resort Benoa hotel stays are not just quick in-and-out experiences.

Transitory Expenses

If you’ve ever been to a discount hotel, you know that they are essentially just transitory expenses.

Leaving so Soon

You come in, you check in, you put your bags in a corner somewhere, take a shower, zip out the door, do your thing, get back in, sleep, pack your bags and hop onto the next plane.

Experiencing discounts

That’s how most business travelers experience discount accommodations.

World Class Quality

Now, regardless of how long you’ll be staying in Bali, Indonesia, you can rest assured that you will get top-notch, world-class quality accommodations. We do not compromise when it comes to quality. We understand that you are looking for the basics, but you’re also looking to enjoy the very distinct tropical exotic charms of Bali, Indonesia.

solid Local Name

This is why the Ramada Resort Benoa has developed such a solid local name and reputation for itself. It does not let go of its standards while at the same time offering an affordable, high-value experience travelers all over the world. Whether you’re used to five-star hotel luxury, and you’ve traveled from anywhere from Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and other glamorous luxury destinations, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed when you visit us in our corner of the world.

Quality Service

Not only is our staff very friendly, professional and knowledgeable, they also can get the job done and they can do it all day every day. We believe in consistent quality. It doesn’t really do you any favors to see your room handled and cleaned properly one day, and it looks like a pig sty the next day. Nobody’s being helped by such inconsistent and erratic service.

International Accomodations

The Ramada brand is a solid-gold global brand in terms of international travel accommodations precisely because it’s able to deliver consistent results time and time again. Whether you’re traveling for business or you are traveling with your family and are out to enjoy the tropical wonders of Bali, Indonesia and Indonesia in general, the Armada Resort Benoa has you covered. You can take that to the bank.

We want to give you moreLike It Should

We fully believe that hotel stays are not just quick, in-and-out experiences. They’re not just glorified warehouses for people who are in a rush. They are supposed to be more. Our commitment to delivering an experience, and a complete experience at that, is why Ramada is one of the world’s top brands. We feature an organic design that fits local culture and terrain with the world-class creature comforts that you have come to expect.

Sophisticated Traveler

We know you are a sophisticated traveler.

Intercontinental travel

We know you are a veteran of global intercontinental travel.

We are comparable

We understand that you have been pampered in Paris, and you have been dazzled in Tokyo and, accordingly, the creature comforts that you find here are comparable.

Standard Accomodation

This is due to the fact that we have standardized our service provisions, and we meet the highest global accommodation standards.

Accross the board

This applies across the board.

We’re not just talking about the cleanliness of your room,

the security of the premises and the upkeep of the grounds. Instead, this attention to detail applies to even the food that we serve. Everybody’s smiling, everybody makes sure that you feel at home and we make sure that all your needs are take care of from the moment you check in to the moment you checked out and head out to your flight out of Bali.

We wish you the best stay and please tell your friends. If you’re looking for the best accommodation in this part of Indonesia, we are the first place you should check.