Welcome to Ramada Resort Benoa

We are located in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia.

We Are Ramada Resort BenoaWe are a part of the Ramada Resort global chain.

What we bringAs you can tell, we bring two things to the table.

We highlight the distinct and exotic charms of Bali Indonesia. If you’re looking for amazing beaches and friendly people, you can’t go wrong with Bali.

The reasons

There’s a big reason why millions of tourists all over the world year after year, troop to Indonesia. It doesn’t matter whether they’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or some sort of company team building event, Bali, Indonesia is up to the job because there are just so many places to explore and so many different people to meet.

Favor to travelers

The Indonesian rupiah-to-dollar exchange rate is very favorable to foreign travelers. Regardless of whether you’re coming from Europe or the United States, Indonesia is a great travel bargain. However, among all the places in Indonesia you can travel to, Bali occupies a distinct and special place. There’s a reason why tourists from Australia to Canada to the United Kingdom, the United States and all points beyond, make it a point to travel to Bali every single year.

Not Just the parties

Bali is more than just the parties that people have at hotels. It’s a distinct experience and mindset. If you’ve ever had fantasies of walking down the beach with a drink in your hand, watching the sun set as palm trees line the shore, Bali is the place for you. The best part? It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

A classic vacation

We’re not just talking about the distinct charms of sun, surf and sand. You can find that anywhere. You can find that in Boracay in the Philippines, Waikiki in Hawaii and the south of France. There’s something about this nice combination of tropical weather, clean water and amazing sand that makes Bali such a runaway classic vacation destination.

distinctive Balinese culture Interesting Culture

On top of this, you get front-row seat to the distinctive Balinese culture that is a very interesting mixture of Hinduism, pre-Islamic Indonesian culture as well as local animist influences. Bali has inspired poets, authors, novelists as well as professional travelers throughout the decade.

We are confident that should you visit Ramada Resort Benoa for your next birthday, anniversary or any kind of special event, you would walk away not just with great memories but you’d probably walk away a bit transformed, and that’s what we aim for. We want to take your expectations of hospitality, friendliness as well as professional hotel management and accommodation upkeep to a much higher level.

Special on BaliStay with us

You might be thinking that you have more than your fair share of global but, believe us, we are confident that if you stay with us, you would see what is so special about Bali, Indonesia and the greater part of Southeast Asia for that matter. You get the best of worlds. You get the natural charms of this part of the world while , at the same time, you get the creature comfort and professional standards only a solid-gold, internationally renowned travel brand name like Ramada can bring to the table. This is the complete and cohesive value that we offer travelers from all over.

The best part? We deliver a consistent quality experience all the time. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel where you’re treated like a king on the first day and an outcast the next day, please understand that you’re not going to experience such hassles with us. The Ramada brand is a global brand precisely because it is able to deliver a consistent quality experience all the time, not just some of the time, not once in a blue moon but all the time. You can take that to the bank.

We are firm believers in the philosophy that great accommodation doesn’t just involve a roof over your head and warmth and basic food. In fact, it’s worth more than the sum of its parts. It’s the smile of the staff. It’s the sense of belonging that you feel when you enter our premises. It’s also the sense of confidence that you have when it comes to cleanliness, security, lighting and the basics that you have come to expect.

It’s Worth It

We know you worked hard for your dollars, and that’s why we are humbled that you have selected Ramada Resort Benoa for your next Southeast Asian travel experience. We offer a complete, comprehensive, high-class, high-quality experience for an affordable price.

We Bring Out The Best

In other words, we bring out the very best of Bali. You can have an exotic retreat from your daily grind and come out refreshed and ready to tackle the world. This is ultimately the value proposition that we bring to the table. This is ultimately our product.

Nothing To Compromise

You get to do all of this while hanging onto the creature comforts you have come to expect from the Ramada brand. You never compromise with us. We do everything according to the highest international standards.

Welcome toyour new home in Bali, Indonesia!

Let our resort hotel be your personal gateway to the exotic local sights, sounds, scents, and color of Indonesia. Composed of over 10,000 islands, Indonesia truly is a continent of different cultures, sensibilities, and points of view. It is a country within a country. In fact, it could be argued that it is really at least several dozen countries sharing the same unitary government. To say that there is a lot to explore in Indonesia would be an understatement indeed. Bali is a great place to start as you wind your way through Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Enjoy the distinct hospitality,
charm, flavors, and good times this corner of Southeast Asia has to offer. As you will find out for yourself, you will learn that Indonesia is distinctly Asian. It offers its own flavor and has its own take. Enjoy this distinction. Lose yourself in the cool, crystal blue waters and the amazing coast line beaches and the warm embrace of the tropical sun in this amazing corner of the world.

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